Challmaker's OSINT WU ୧ ‧₊˚ 🍮 ⋅ ☆

Music from the city

One of the students in our school named Jean just dropped a new song 🎧
... but I can't find him somehow 😔 Can you find Jean's song?
He's from the same city as our school, it shouldn't be hard to find him!

Initial intel


Ok I should have written "the same city as our CTF team". Everyone looked for our school directly and chose the other place where our school is located... Looking for Jean + Lorient instead of Jean + Vannes.

Second note, I changed the name of the man after testing. I used to be Marc, but I switched to Jean... There is a Jean doing music in our school... Oh no... Well I want to thank everyone who boosted his stats! You guys are amazing 💖

Last side note, as an excuse for tagging it as "Intro" difficulty, 3 testers all found it in under 20s (no jokes)

Which city?

➡️ => Vannes, France
➡️ => Vannes, Bretagne
➡️ => exact location within a map (Vannes)

Many kept Lorient till the end. Reconsidering facts is really difficult for beginners and added way too much difficulty to the challenge. My apologies for it 😔

Sound page?

Soundcloud or Bandcamp (or maybe a specific websites for music from cities)?

Let's start with the classic Soundcloud:

Welp sometimes you can't make the best challenges. Sometimes the search engine is just too powerful :/


Many looked for the song. You have no intel about the song other than it exists and came out. Don't look for ghost.

But they so tasty ... 😔🍰

Our OSINT teacher, sir Staffengaouehll, joined us in class dead tired.
Apparently he started running 👀
Problem is, he didn't stop his bad habit of savoring 2 coconut flan slices almost everydays!

You alarmed him but he won't listen.

"It's not that bad ???"
Show him why he should watch out by giving him the amount of kilo Jouls he gets every time he eats his 2 flan slices!

Initial intel :


Again, people were searching a bit too close to reality. Everyone looked for Staffengaouehll thinking it's a real identity. So they looked for him in our school's teacher directory 💀
It's true that some CTFs use real IDs but take it as a fact at the start. The internet lies keep caution.

Search for "Staffengaouehll"

Hmmmm really sneaky man. Let's go back to our intel. Let's search for Sport websites!

Let's start with Strava! 🙂

We search and find one account!!!

Caution behaves """weirdly""" (maybe blocking traffic not using a referer from and blocks outsides queries. Meaning we need to search from within the site, it is the reason why most Username search engines get false positives searching Strava.

But it is empty...
Pasted image 20240304152215.png
Fun fact: Strava needs an account to stalk watch someone's activity :)

So now we have one running session!
Pasted image 20240304152437.png
Pasted image 20240304152450.png
Pasted image 20240304152510.png

Where do the babies 2 coconut flan come from ?

So, he spent a lot of time in a supermarket. It is not too far fetched (at least according to my chall's reviewer) that he bought the flan from this supermarket.

The supermarket is under the Carrefour franchise. No website or any information online can be found about flan slod in this specific supermarket in Theix.

There are local promotion magazines with no info about flan slices. BUT there is a search for available products in the Drive section! Tho I strongly advice not to use it as the availibility of a product in one specific supermarket is very blurry on purpose. They will mostly find your product available everywhere. Or maybe the contrary... This flan was marked as unavailable during the CTF and consequently had its info hidden 😮

So let's use the main search feature! We can search for "flan" and jump from links to link or directly translate in french "coconut flan" to search for "flan noix de coco"... the latter gives us nothing :/

Yeah sorry you need to search for "flan coco" instead... Just jump from links to links. 🐇

✩°。𓍢ִ໋Hello boyyyyyyy˚。⋆˚
Pasted image 20240304153046.png


Why this one? It's the only one with detailed nutritional values 🙂 No guessing, it's OSINT

The chall' was based on another flan. An heavily industrial Carrefour branded flan version that had a nutritional table on the back of it. I kept it until they added the nutritional table to normal products 👀 then I switched.

Slaps flan This bad boy can fit so many Jouls

Pasted image 20240304154019.png

So, we have the calorific value in kJ for every 100g

We have the price for 2 slices

We have the price for 1kg of cocnut flan

Math ?!?!
For once you won't do trig' in OSINT but basic math! 😊💖

2,696,90×1000×7611002966.7 kJ


Hope you had fun! The tickets don't tell the same story 😋 but afterward I got only positive reviews which is reassuring. Some have learned to pay very much attention to initial intel, to not trust everything Google says, to always reconsider the path you're on / reconsider not fully backed up facts.
As a chall-maker I learned a lot too! 📝 I need to make more precise challenge description to limit possible search ranges. I need to keep an eye on known intel and should always see my challenges with new eyes. It could lead to new perspective and approaches. And finally, I need to search myself for possible collisions with real world data, avoiding possible rabbit holes 🕳️🐇

See you next time! (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。.


Memes 🤡💖

O(1) < O(n) < O(n²) < O(n!) < O(wrong flags in OSINT)

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Posted by K.L.M, stats mid-CTF (imagine at the end)

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Imagine finding the solution for the challenge like this
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