European Cyber Week 2023 Finals 🇪🇺

Big thanks to my team for carrying me and for being such a kind and welcoming group.
Find them individually at Histausse, Azertyty, Spectruni (sorry couldn't find any links)


We did great for a team of random people who talked to each others 10 minutes before the beginning of the competition 😅 Ranked 6th out of 11 teams.
I tried to bring us together and asked everyone about what they were doing, if there were steps made, if they needed help or rubber ducking, ... I hope it helped us communicate a bit more than "I flagged".
Challenge-wise I sucked. I lost our team 3 hours at the beginning... I'm extremely ashamed and won't make the same mistake again (I forgot the flag's last 3 characters)

How to improve 📝




Pasted image 20231126121408.png