European Cyber Week 2023 🇪🇺

Well well well... Third time's a charm 👀🤷
I went from qualified to not qualified to now qualified again.
So yeah 🥳⭐ I'll have my once in a lifetime chance.
I haven't trained sadly but I'll do my best as always

Performance 🏆

I worked hard the first and last week (I caught a huge cold on week 2 🥶💀). By solving almost all Easy challenges and one extra medium I nearly managed to get qualified but sadly I'm one off.

Rank: 55th with 775 points
with 10 challenges solved 🥳

How to improve 📝





Challenge Category Value Time
DumpCyber forensics 100 October 28th, 9:51:20 PM
Jigsaw2 (3/4) misc 25 October 27th, 5:49:08 PM
Random_key crypto 100 October 26th, 9:16:27 PM
FlyAway misc 100 October 25th, 8:37:40 PM
Under Construction web 100 October 17th, 9:21:31 PM
moth reverse 100 October 16th, 10:35:11 PM
Madara web 100 October 14th, 10:39:41 PM
Babel misc 100 October 13th, 10:09:49 PM
Jigsaw2 (2/4) misc 25 October 13th, 7:11:52 PM
Jigsaw2 (1/4) misc 25 October 13th, 6:35:13 PM