Newport Blake CTF 2023 🍎🎓📏


Aimed to flag 100% as it was a very simple CTF for highschool players. Ended up being a one man CTF as I was the only player in the team to work on it during the entire weekend (or just to work on it more than an hour 😔)

Rank: 40th with 4751 points
I scored 4280 points with 11 challenges solved (23% of the CTF) 🥳

How to improve 📝




Challenge Category Value
unnecessary misc 480
Itchy Scratchy rev 464
Crisscross rev 446
not accepted misc 365
do you hear that misc 241
Linkedout 3 osint 420
Linkedout 2 osint 421
webcam osint 429
Linkedout 1 osint 352
Babbling About osint 401
persona osint 261