Hackday 2024 🤷‍♂️🏋️

Big thanks to my team! We pulled off an extraordinaire performance because we were fantastic togethers 💖
We all complemented each others skill perfectly and that's our core strength in my opinion.
The chad list:

Performance 🏆

One challenge away from full wipe. One first blood, almost got 3 but lost minutes away. Top 10 quite a long time but ended 12th. Almost a perfect performance, at least one to be proud of.

Rank: 12th with 4954 points 🤯🎉
I scored 2115 points with 13 challenges solved 🥳

How to improve 📝




Challenge Category Value Time
LOGMEIN Forensic 269 January 21st, 1:08:47 PM
A strange signal Programmation 293 January 21st, 11:11:43 AM
Secret Password Programmation 100 January 19th, 7:37:08 PM
Litcrypt Hack Reverse Engineering 269 January 19th, 7:00:33 PM
Assurance Tourix Web 116 January 18th, 11:23:38 PM
Sound Zero Steganography 132 January 18th, 6:17:36 PM
The fish trap Cryptography 100 January 18th, 6:14:13 PM
Oh My PAM Reverse Engineering 326 January 18th, 10:40:49 AM
Guessing Programmation 100 January 16th, 4:51:43 PM
Baby Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering 100 January 15th, 9:15:53 PM
Ping Bond Web 100 January 15th, 9:11:20 PM
Baby Web Web 100 January 15th, 8:27:17 PM
Baby Steganography Steganography 100 January 15th, 8:08:20 PM